Grosh guitars

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PRS Starla

Don Grosh builds some of the most criminally under-known and appreciated guitars out there. Meticulous in detail, Grosh guitars have the best fit and finish I’ve ever seen. That comes out in their voice- my Electrajet rings like a bell. Brilliant.

Seymour Duncan pickups

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Seymour Duncan makes all the pickups that just sound ‘right’ to me and they make a TON of fantastic sounding models for every type of player out there. I personally use the Antiquity series in a ton of my guitars and the Seth Lover and ’59 model humbuckers in others.

Morgan Amplification

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Killer amps from an amazing designer (who also happens to be one of my favorite people). They all sound killer on every setting. I use an RCA35 and it’s like the best Bassman head you’ve ever heard with some extra useful modern features.

HiTone Amplification

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If you love vintage Hiwatt tone, the ONLY people delivering it today are the good folks at HiTone. I use a DR HT30/15 and it’s awesome. Incredible presence, headroom, and authority.

Avatar Amps & Cabinets

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Avatar 2x12

The best, most affordable, no-nonsense speaker cabinets out there from a true family owned and operated business. They make models for all combinations of speakers in closed and open back designs for guitar or bass and with a myriad of tolex and grill options. They also stock a huge variety of speakers and you can get your cabinet with any mix of them you want. I have several of their cabs that I’ve used exclusively for years. Bonus- they also make some KILLER amps. Give the 45 watt head a go.

Fender guitars

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Road worn tele

Who ISN’T a fan of Fender guitars? Their classic designs are responsible for a ridiculous percentage of all our favorite tones on all our favorite albums. I love all the classic designs but a personal favorite of mine is the Road Worn series- I use my Road Worn 50’s Tele constantly.

Fender amps

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Fender Bassman

Fender amps- what can be said? I’ve used them as long as I can remember. 60’s Bassman heads can’t be beat for the money, Pro Juniors sound insanely great for dirt cheap, ANY Deluxe rules… Princetons… Champs… Yeah… They’re all great.

Taylor guitars

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Taylor GS7

Taylor is an incredible company- the consistency, quality, and value are all top notch. If you’ve always loved them, they’re only getting better. If you weren’t a fan before, PLEASE try them again since Andy Powers came on board and redesigned the whole line. I use a newer 810 and it’s absolutely magic. The new pickup system can’t be beat, either.

Paul Reed Smith guitars

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PRS Starla

PRS are some of the best made guitars on the planet. They play like a dream, intonate beautifully, stay in tune, etc, etc. I use a Starla and a modified JA-15 that are both incredible. I will admit that I’m not a huge fan of their pickups so I change those out but that’s just a matter of personal preference. I absolutely love their guitars and every company employee I’ve ever met.