Devin Malone

Musician – Nashville, TN

Morgan Amplification

Killer amps from an amazing designer (who also happens to be one of my favorite people). They all sound killer on every setting. I use an RCA35 and it’s like the best Bassman head you’ve ever heard with some extra useful modern features.

HiTone Amplification

If you love vintage Hiwatt tone, the ONLY people delivering it today are the good folks at HiTone. I use a DR HT30/15 and it’s awesome. Incredible presence, headroom, and authority.

Avatar Amps & Cabinets

The best, most affordable, no-nonsense speaker cabinets out there from a true family owned and operated business. They make models for all combinations of speakers in closed and open back designs for guitar or bass and with a myriad of tolex and grill options. They also stock a huge variety of speakers and you can […]

Fender amps

Fender amps- what can be said? I’ve used them as long as I can remember. 60’s Bassman heads can’t be beat for the money, Pro Juniors sound insanely great for dirt cheap, ANY Deluxe rules… Princetons… Champs… Yeah… They’re all great.