Devin Malone

Musician – Nashville, TN

Fender guitars

Who ISN’T a fan of Fender guitars? Their classic designs are responsible for a ridiculous percentage of all our favorite tones on all our favorite albums. I love all the classic designs but a personal favorite of mine is the Road Worn series- I use my Road Worn 50’s Tele constantly.

Taylor guitars

Taylor is an incredible company- the consistency, quality, and value are all top notch. If you’ve always loved them, they’re only getting better. If you weren’t a fan before, PLEASE try them again since Andy Powers came on board and redesigned the whole line. I use a newer 810 and it’s absolutely magic. The new […]

Paul Reed Smith guitars

PRS are some of the best made guitars on the planet. They play like a dream, intonate beautifully, stay in tune, etc, etc. I use a Starla and a modified JA-15 that are both incredible. I will admit that I’m not a huge fan of their pickups so I change those out but that’s just […]