Timmy Brown – Nothing To See Here (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, resonator, pedal steel

Claire Alaina – Cutting Ties (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars

Riley Roth – Stranger (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, resonator, pedal steel, bass

Roman Alexander – Between You & Me [Acoustics]

Acoustic guitars, resonator, banjo

Dustin Lynch – Thinking ‘Bout You (feat. MacKenzie Porter)

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel

Alana Springsteen – Trying Not To (feat. Roman Alexander) (single)

Electric guitar

Track45 – Big Dreams

Electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, resonator, pedal steel, bass

Timmy Brown – If You Were Here (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel, cello

Two Story Road – When You Wake Up (single)

Electric guitar

Brandon Whitley – Take It To The Bank (single)

Acoustic guitars

Emma White – Thirties (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel

Konner Cordes – Here’s To You (single)

Acoustic guitars

Stephen Ray – Lesson Learned (single)

Acoustic guitars

Rick Knowles – Dance With Ya (single)

Banjo, mandolin, resonator, pedal steel

Randall Fowler – Coming Home (One Way Road) (single)

Acoustic guitar

Charlie Rogers – Obliterated (Acoustic Mix)

Acoustic guitars, cello

JD Shelburne – Run Run Rudolph (single)

Acoustic guitar, pedal steel

Granger Smith – Country Things, Vol. 1


Guerin Lewis – Good (single)

Acoustic guitars

Walker County – Someone’s Someone (single)

Electric guitar

Will Finley – Hard Life (single)

Acoustic guitars

Brooke Lynn – Depends On The Friend (single)

Acoustic guitars

Diamond Dixie – Girls Like That (single)

Acoustic guitars

Roman Alexander – Between You & Me EP

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel

Briana Calhoun – Nashville (single)

Electric guitar

Britnee Kellogg – Keep You In The Dark (single)

Electric guitar

Gina Venier – Friends Again (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars

Guerin Lewis – Shotgun (single)

Acoustic guitars

Eric Ethridge – Good With Me

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel

Walker County – Drag It Out (single)

Electric guitar

Guerin Lewis – California Gold (single)

Acoustic guitars

Madison Nolan – Madison Nolan – EP

Electric & acoustic guitar

Ingrid Andress – Lady Like / Lady Like (Deluxe)

Electric & acoustic guitars, cello, pedal steel

Chase Wright – Wish You’d Miss Me (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel, bass

Diamond Dixie – I Think It’s Funny (single)

Acoustic guitars

Guerin Lewis – Some Of Y’all (single)

Acoustic guitars

JessLee – Neighbors (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, banjo

Gina Venier – 50 Bucks (single)

Cotter Hill – Better Off (single)

Walker County – Shovel (single)

Olivia Lane – The One (Deluxe)

Electric guitar

Guerin Lewis – Getcha Feelin’ Right (single)

Matt Ferranti – Pick Up (single)

Jeremy Lister – Forest For The Trees

Acoustic guitar, cello

Randall Fowler – Slow It Down (single)

Mae Estes – Best Side (single)

Electric guitar

Alissa Griffith – Somebody Else’s Somebody (single)

Britnee Kellogg – Feather In The Wind (single)

Alexis Wilkins – If I’m Being Honest (single)

Alexis Wilkins – RSVP (single)

Ingrid Andress – Waste Of Lime (single)

Pedal steel

Sam Hunt – Hard To Forget (Acoustic) (single)

Acoustic guitar, mandolin, resonator, pedal steel, producer

Ryan Hurd – EOM EP

Timmy Brown – Summer Of Us (single)

Haley Decker – My First Dance (single)


Ronnie Fauss – Nothing Worth Saying (single)

Alexis Wilkins – Holdin’ On (single)

Cotter Hill – Secondhand Smoke (single)

Sam Riggs – Look Out Mountain (single)

Jill & Julia – Tell Me (single)

Mike Bonagura – To Get To You


Ethan Cole – Missin’ You (single)

Lena Stone – Princess

Two Story Road – Sun’s Gonna Rise (single)

Electric guitar

Adam Doleac – Famous EP

Pedal steel

Sam Hunt – Southside

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel, cello

Randall Fowler – What’s She Sippin’ On (single)

Supe Kitchen – Dancing With The Devil (single)

Supe Kitchen – On Your Heels (single)

Supe Kitchen – Win Some Lose Some (single)

Sam Riggs – Game Boy (single)

Electric guitar

Cody Bryan Band – Lonely Road (single)

Golden West – Need Your Love (single)

Cotter Hill – It’s Her (single)

Dustin Lynch – Tullahoma

Rick Knowles – Does Anybody Know (single)

Emerson Hart – 32 Thousand Days

Electric guitar, pedal steel

Janine Le Clair, Kentucky Gentlemen – C’mon It’s Christmas (single)

Susie Soshay – Go On

John Allan Miller – Bad Day To Be A Beer (single)

Timmy Brown – Wish You Knew Me Better (single)

Macy Martin – Don’t Be The Reason (single)

Thomas Finchum – Thomas Finchum

Pedal steel

Chris Janson – Real Friends

Eric Van Houten – Know About That

Ingrid Andress – Lady Like (Deepend Remix) (single)

Mae Estes – Too Much (single)

Lorenzo Piccone – Wanderings

Ingrid Andress – The Rosebank Acoustic Sessions

Eric Van Houten – Well Enough (single)

Janine Le Clair – Love Of Your Life (single)

Holly Maher / Hannah Miller – Sorted Noise Records: Covers, Vol. 3

Ryan Charles – You Lovin’ Me (single)

Eric Van Houten – Freeway (single)

Chase Martin – Say Goodbye

Hunter Hayes – Wild Blue, Part I


Macy Martin – Game Boy (single)

Electric guitar

Mae Estes – Naked (single)

Electric guitar

Sweat Leah – RedNekkid (single)

Electric guitar

Parker McKay – Lately (single)

Timmy Brown – That’s How We Drink Here (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel

Gary Kyle – American Flags (single)

Acoustic guitar, resonator

Andy Brown – If I’d Known (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel

Parker McKay – Honest (single)

J.D. Leonard – Just Drive the Album

Hunter Phelps – Throwin’ Parties (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel

Britnee Kellogg – Someone Somebody Loves

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel, banjo, resonator

Justin Klump – The Other Side (single)

Ryan Charles – Tequila My Life Away (single)

Kira Isabella – Sides

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel

Parker McKay – This Far (single)

Александр Коган – Моя страна, моя команда (single)

Electric guitar, gang vocal

Justin Klump – Start From Here (single)

Electric guitar

Eliot Morris – Blessed: A Collection of Songs for the Young at Heart

Electric guitar

The Lightkeeper (Short Film, 2018)


Kevin Chambers – Only One (single)


Chase Martin – Love Without You (single)

Electric guitar

Macy Martin – Makeup (single)

Dustin Lynch – Good Girl (Acoustic) (single)

Vanessa Lynn Bird – Burn Brighter (EP)

Electric guitar

Andy Brown – Cedarmont

Acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel

Paul Pelt – More Than Just A Waffle House (single)

Electric & acoustic guitars, keys, pedal steel, bass, drum programming 

Susie Soshay – Moonrace

Eric Van Houten – Come Find Me (single)

Electric guitar

Josh Gracin – Good For You (single)

Electric guitar

Rick Knowles – My Seat

Electric guitar, banjo, resonator

Conner Smith – Late Night Mt. Nebo Drive

Electric & acoustic guitars

Kenton Bryant – Kenton Bryant EP

Jade Holland – Dream Wild

Electric guitar

Krystal Keith – Boulder

Blackjack Billy – Straight Line Sober (single)

Electric guitar

The Sisterhood Band – Summer Setlist

Electric guitar, mandolin

Echohawk – How Long Now (single)

Adam Sanders – Adam Sanders (EP)

Electric guitar

Sam Hunt – Bright: The Album

Jesse Labelle – Get Away With It (single)

Greg C. Brown – Wanderings


Two Story Road – Cliffhanger (single)

Electric guitar, pedal steel

Ronnie Fauss – Last of the True

Dustin Lynch – Small Town Boy – Stripped (single)

Jesse Labelle – Another You

Electric guitar

Dustin Lynch – Current Mood

Electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, pedal steel

Adley Stump – Call You Mine

Electric guitar

Jimmy Connor – It’s About Time (single)

Electric guitar

Cash Campbell – Cannonball (single)

Pedal steel

Sam Hunt – Body Like A Back Road – 15 In A 30 Tour Live (single)

Sam Hunt – Ex To See – 15 In A 30 Tour Live (single)

Paul Pelt – If I Hadn’t Found You (single)

Rick Knowles – Inside Out

Electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, pedal steel

Paul Pelt – Alabama Girl (single)

Sam Hunt – Drinkin’ Too Much (single)

Cody Webb – She’s Carolina (single)

Parker McKay – Parker McKay (EP)

Electric guitar, cello

Parker McKay – Rolling Stone (single)

Jimmy Connor – Callin’ It (single)

Electric guitar

Sam Hunt – Break Up In a Small Town (Acoustic Mixtape)

Old Dominion – Meat And Candy

Electric guitar

Hunter Hayes – The 21 Project

Electric & acoustic guitars, resonator, banjo, cello

Carrie Underwood – Storyteller

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel, cello

Ronnie Fauss – Built To Break

Electric & acoustic guitars, resonator, pedal steel

Sam Hunt – Montevallo

Electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, resonator, banjo, pedal steel

John Legend – All Of Me (feat. Jennifer Nettles & Hunter Hayes)


Hunter Hayes – Storyline

Electric & acoustic guitars, drumline

Hunter Hayes – Live At Bridgestone

Electric guitar, vocal

Old Dominion – Dirt On A Road (single)

Electric guitar

Hunter Hayes – Spotify Sessions

Resonator, vocal

Old Dominion – Old Dominion Originals

Tanner – Tanner (EP)

Electric & acoustic guitars, cello

Will Hoge – Never Give In

Acoustic guitar, resonator

Keith Urban – Fuse

Electric & acoustic guitars, resonator, mandolin, pedal steel

Old Daisy – Old Daisy

Electric & acoustic guitars, cello, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel

Ryan White – Cry Wolf

Electric & acoustic guitars, cello

Tate Stevens – Tate Stevens

Electric guitar, cello

Maggie Rose – Cut To Impress


Hunter Hayes – Live

Electric & acoustic guitars, vocals

Ronnie Fauss – I Am The Man You Know I’m Not

Electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel

Will Hoge – Modern American Protest Music

Electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo

Adam Brand – There Will Be Love

Electric guitar, cello

Hunter Hayes – Act Of Valor: The Album

Electric guitar

Ke$ha – Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan

Electric guitar, cello

Old Dominion – It Was Always Yours

Electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel

Josh Gracin – Redemption

Electric guitar, cello, accordion

Will Hoge – Number Seven

Electric & acoustic guitars

Shelly Fraley – Into The Sun

Electric guitar, cello

Corinne Chapman – Dirty Pretty Things

Electric & acoustic guitars, keys

Ryan Peters – Uprooted – EP

Christina Bell – Underwater

Electric & acoustic guitars

Trey Lockerbie – Light Therapy

Electric guitar, banjo, cello

Tori Bigelow – I Believe


Dawn Langstroth – Highwire


Will Hoge – The Wreckage

Electric & acoustic guitars, keys, mandolin, cello, pedal steel

Shelly Fraley – Up Up & Away – EP

Josh Hoge – This Holiday

Acoustic guitar

Steelheart – Good 2B Alive

Electric guitar, cello

E. Stephen – E. Stephen

Electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, lap & pedal steel

Tristen – The Lightest Kind

Electric guitar, cello

Kimberly Quinn – Liminal


Scott Miller & The Commonwealth – Reconstruction

Electric guitar, keys, vocals

Emerson Hart – Cigarettes & Gasoline

Electric & acoustic guitars, lap steel, keys, cello

Gwil Owen – Gravy


Sam & Ruby – Sam & Ruby-EP


Small Town Workers – The Right of Way

Electric & acoustic guitars, cello, vocals

Everything – People Are Moving


Darkest Hour – The Mark of the Judas